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Book Project

We are actively seeking people from the asexual spectrum who would be excited and willing for us to share true stories with their real names attached.

The Asexual Lives Project

A compendium of stories from across the asexual spectrum and  its intersections with  a multitude of identities and contexts,   with the purpose of fostering acceptance for the asexual community worldwide.  Join  the movement! We are:


Anyone on the asexual spectrum who can give legal consent, speak about their story openly attached with their identity, and can converse in either English/Hindi, hailing from anywhere across the globe, who has a story to tell.

Led by
Dr. Pragati Singh, who leads IndianAces, AsexualityAsia, HumansOfQueer, and other Sexual And Reproductive Health and Rights initiatives.

Reachable at if you have any questions. You may visit,,    or for more information and    opportunities.

Step 1

Fill the Google Form to express your interest in being a  part of the project.

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