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The world's first such conference examining and celebrating the intersection of Asexuality  and Asia!

Scheduled during Asexual Awareness Week, PanACEa will, again in 2022, create  space for discussion, debate and discourse as well as fun workshops, meetups and cultural exchange.

Check out some of our initiatives over the past year:

IAD 2022 PanACEa.jpg

Asexuality in your Language

Status: Currently Running
For international asexuality day 2022, is building a directory of all words A-spec in all Asian Languages!

ALP_ Share.jpg

The Asexual Lives Project

Status: Currently Running
An upcoming book by Dr. Pragati Singh capturing real stories of asexual people in all their diverse, complex, and unique glory.

event post.jpg

Panacea 2021

Status: Past
Check out what happened during last year's PanACEa conference and catch up on all the exciting and informative content.


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