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Sriti Jha

An award winning Bollywood and Hindi television actress, Sriti has also written and performed multiple pieces on queer experiences. During the 2020 Kommune India Spoken Fest, she recited her poem, 'Confessions Of An Asexual Romantic'- a touching piece about the asexual experience. She continues to be a supportive ally of the Indian Aces community!

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Dr. Tanaya

A medic who is passionate about sexual and reproductive health, and likes to put the ‘fun’ in fundamental sex ed! Having amassed over  half a million followers her campaign, called #ScrewTheShush, focuses on busting sexual health myths, and creating candid, engaging, & informative conversations around routinely “shushed” topics.


Ravi Bhatnagar

Mr. Ravi Bhatnagar leads External Affairs and Partnerships at Reckitt Benckiser, and is in charge of the Africa, Middles East and South Asia Regions, where the interlinking of the issues of Health, Hygiene and Nutrition can be seen from close quarters.



Tanisha RK is the co-founder and Chief of Social Voice at Sangya Project. They are a queer and nonbinary Bahujan with a background in sexuality education and social impact research, and four years of experience building trauma-informed and socially conscious Sex Education material for adults.

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Kevin Chan

In my role as a community para-counselor and sexual health educator, although with my limited counseling experience. I have been privileged to be a confidant to many who have had a similar experience on their own and bravery coming forward and get tested.My work are grounded in the fundamental belief that all human beings are equal regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status (class), family/cultural background, age, religion, personal beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.



Bio 1: 10 words PiPEllA is an ASPEC Cinematic Rock artist and visual storyteller. Bio 2: 50 words: PiPEllA, more affectionately known as Pip, is a Cinematic Rock artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. The singer uses her love of fantasy soundtracks and indie rock, as well as her experiences with Asexuality to inspire her music. Currently, the artist is working on her first major creative release, PiPEllA: The Worlds Traveler. Her goal is to be the main character that the Ace community deserves.

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Manavi Khurana is the Founder, CEO of Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing. She specialises in Queer Mental Health, sexuality related explorations and concerns, nervousness and anxiety, working with HIV, working with situational concerns and general life issues. She has also worked with schools, colleges, corporates, and provided counselling to prison administration and inmates.

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A lawyer, who herself is aromantic asexual, Alicia is the founder of A-Spec Malaysia, an online safe space for a-spec Malaysians. She has volunteered and worked for several queer rights initiatives and NGOs in Malaysia.

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Shreya Kaul

Shreya Kaul is a Counselling Psychologist at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing with over two years of experience working with clients. Her therapy style and modality is inspired by a Person-Centered, Empathetic, Eclectic Approach, Narrative Approach, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Feminist Approach, Queer Affirmative Therapist.



Currently in her final year of Msc. Counseling Psychology, Nayonika aims to bring to light the overlooked and forgotten experiences and stories of minority communities and provide them with accurate representation in society.



Research Scholar, IIT Tirupati. Focusing on the sexual identity and orientation of asexuality, she works on increasing the visibility of asexual communities in Indian visual narratives.

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Hussain is an educator, art therapist and a PhD scholar. They are passionate about inclusion and diversity, and a certified Leading With Pride aluminite

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Shruti Garg

Shruti Garg (she/they) is an HCPC UK Regd. Drama therapist trained from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London University. 


Amy Abisha Benjamin

Amy Abisha Benjamin is a Counselling Psychologist at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing who has over 1.5 years of experience. She uses An eclectic and humanistic approach that is narrative focused and inspired by CBT, DBT, Gestalt and Attachment theory.


Sumedha Kathpalia

Sumedha Kathpalia is a RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing with over 2.5 years of experience. She specializes in cases of substance use, repetitive thoughts, adjustment difficulties, emotional regulation, relationship issues, Self & Identity and more.

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Daniel Yo-Ling (he/they/他) is a writer and independent scholar based in Taiwan. Yo-Ling is an active member of the Taiwan Asexual Group and served as the lead community researcher for the 2021 Taiwan Asexual Community Survey. They are also a contributing editor at New Bloom Magazine and the convener of the Race, Asexuality, Colonialism, and Empire (R/ACE) Working Group.


Kanika Soni

Kanika Soni is a RCI Licensed Senior Clinical Psychologist at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing who has over nine years of experience with clients. Her therapy style and modality includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical Behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, motivational enhancement, behavioral therapy, eclectic and collaborative approach


Aakash Gurbani 

Aakash Gurbani is a Counselling Psychologist working at Karma Center for Counselling and Wellbeing, with over 1.5 years of experience. He employs an eclectic approach that is driven by a narrative-focused and trauma informed lens.

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Niharika Ravi

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Kevin Chan 

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Sunanda Jalote

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Supreet K Singh

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