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PanAcea: Asexuality Asia Conference 2022

The world's first such conference examining and celebrating the intersection of Asexuality and Asia! Participate in discussions, debates, engage in presentations, or attend community events and have fun with the rest of us!

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Know More:

100% of the profits go towards asexual and queer community initiatives run by Indian Aces and Humans Of Queer. 

Our aim at PanACEa is to create space for voices, to look at emergent trends and traditional notions, to enable an exchange of knowledge, thought-leadership and creative understanding, and to build a community to examine and celebrate Asexuality in Asia. Across the seven days of the conference, we will bring together speakers, researchers, thinkers, activists, artists, and performers. We will open avenues for debate, discussion and discourse through Panel Discussions and Presentations. And we will sing and celebrate our diversity through Community-building, Cultural Exchange And Social Events. And all of this will be held online, enabling participation from all corners of the globe. Register to Attend as a participant as soon as possible. 

We have different types of tickets so that you can choose the one that is right for you. For a breakdown of what you have access to for each ticket type please check below.

See for all details, and join us on discord too.

Get Your Tickets

We accept purchases in INR and USD via various cards and Paypal. Please select   your currency:

Ticket Types

Golden Ticket: Donation Pass
Early Bird Silver: Full Access
Early Bird Bronze: Limited
Early Bird Student Pass
Main Conference Events through the week
Backstage Conversations and meets (when applicable)
PLatonicity Meetup
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