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“...the thing about portraits is, you need to show people the way they want to be seen. And I prefer to show people as I see them.”

― Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere


The creative and communal experience is as important to understanding the intersections of Asexuality and Asian identity as research and discourse. Do you have a song you want to share or a journaling exercise you want to run with people? Maybe manga art of dragons with cake, or a quiet piece of fanfiction written from the depth of your passion or even a cool magic trick you want to showcase - in this segment we invite entries that demonstrate the kaleidoscope of creative expression from the asexual community and beyond in Asia. 


We will be hosting an Open Mic Night and an Online Exhibition. We also have a few slots for creative Workshops, Demonstrations and Performances.  So apply now with your details! 

Application Process:

Participation is welcome from all individuals, regardless of gender, ethnic consideration, identity and background. However, preference will be given to those who identify as being on the Ace Spectrum and/or are of Asian heritage. Please read our diversity statement for more details and do not hesitate to write to us for any clarification:

The Process:


Fill this form: Deadline 15th October 2021, 11:59 pm IST

  • The form will ask you for some basic details about yourself, a description of the activity you want to run or work you want to showcase as well as some samples of earlier work.

  • Do note that submissions in any language are welcome, but do provide us with a synopsis or description in English.


Our Creative Panel will review applications and shortlisted performers will be informed by the 20th of October


Once you are selected we will take you through a clear process of how your work will be shared or showcased at the conference.

application procss


There is Room for Everyone


As people who live at the intersection of several identities, we know acutely what it means to be excluded. To be held at arm’s length by gatekeepers and gaslit out of our own experiences. And thus it is our firm resolve to make PanACEa: Asia Asexuality Conference as diverse, inclusive and vibrant an event as we can. Our conference is open to everyone from Asia and Asian diaspora irrespective of language, culture, religion, ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexuality, SOGIESC, physical and mental health and ability. We are working to make our words suit our actions and putting together systems and resources to empower our participants and foster a community of thinkers and doers who can help us forge a welcoming and authentic experience at the conference. 


If you would like to help us build a more equitable world, where all voices find listening hearts and minds, do fill out this form and help us learn. Together we all grow better.

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