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PanACEa 2022 is  pleased to invite collaborations and partnerships   beyond sponsorship.   We firmly believe that all kinds of groups, NGOs, community initiatives etc. can be valuable collaborators and will play an integral role in  making the conference a success.

There are many ways to join hands  for PanACEa : Asexuality Asia Conference 2022. Some examples are

1. As a local group of ace or queer  members, be a    country representative at the conference. 

2. As a feminist, queer, human rights, or diversity initiative, be  an outreach partner to    amplify our reach in the most relevant networks and bring in the most driven people. 

3.   Any other possible partnership that you can foresee.

All interested representatives may please contact us via email only, with the subject line <Collaborating for PanACEa 2022> at  

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