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Asexuality has always been part of the LGBTQIA+ identities, but it is only in the past decade that the acespec community has emerged from the shadows of invisibility. A lot of work by leaders across the world has gone in to gain the attention of the queer community at large, as well as educational, social, national and international organizations. However, the fact remains that we have only just begun to scratch the surface.  


Within the larger movement for ace visibility and inclusion, the intersection of Asian identity and the asexual spectrum has received little to no attention. Asia is a vast continent--with cultures that date back to 4500 BCE. It is a chaotic mix of modern and traditional, varied religions and ethnic groups, geopolitical struggles and vast distinctions in wealth distribution. Many believe that the Asian identity is all about prioritizing family, community, conformity, and socio-economic prosperity. Laws that penalize the queer community still exist in some nations. Political and social leaders still consider gender and sexuality as “Western Concepts”, an anathema to their archaic version of “Asian Values”. But Asia is also in a constant state of flux, with many voices clamouring to be heard. 


We envision a world where:

  • The diverse voices of Asian Asexuals are ensured, embraced and protected.

  • A community of diverse Asian Asexuals is ensured, respected and protected.

  • The human rights of asexual people are recognized, upheld and protected by national and international laws and policies.

Our Mission

  • To create a community of safe spaces for Asian Asexuals to live their authentic selves; and

  • To develop localized and nuanced language for asexuality so Asian Asexuals may have the vocabulary to describe themselves;

  • To facilitate rigorous academic research and discourse of asexuality in an Asian context; and

  • To campaign for humane laws that ensure the safety, security and protection of Asexuals in Asia.

Our Values

  • FREEDOM of expression, identity and lifestyles for asexual people.

  • SUPPORT for Asexuals who are out, who wish to come out, as well as for those questioning their sexuality.

  • COLLABORATION with Asexuals who wish to have a platform and their voices heard.

  • REPRESENTATION of Asexuals in the mainstream.

  • ACCEPTANCE of all Asexuals and ensuring their visibility.

PanACEa Conference has been conceptualized by:


Indian Aces started in 2014 as a self/non-funded collective of, for, and by ace (asexual) and acespec people from and in India. Over the years, Indian Aces has grown into a movement that is a multiple award-winning, and grant-winning, volunteer-led initiative, with both online and offline presence across India, and beyond. Asexuality.In is a community project by Indian Aces.


Humans of Queer was launched as a Pride month project by Indian Aces in 2021 to document the average queer persons' lives and experiences through the power of owning one's identity and the power of storytelling. This project has expanded into an education website that hopes to be a resource centre for disseminating knowledge, imparting transferable and sustainable skills, collecting data, and conducting research for the queer community, while documenting queer persons' lives and experiences.


Dr. Pragati Singh photo

Director and Conference Chair

Dr. Pragati Singh

A ​medical graduate from Maulana Azad Medical College, Dr Pragati is an internationally renowned asexuality leader from India. She is the founder of The Indian subcontinent's first initiative working for asexuality,, and   

She is  featured in BBC's list of 100 most inspiring and innovative women from around the world.

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Satbhan photo


Satbhan Singh (He / His)

Satbhan identifies himself as a platform and domain agnostic storyteller. He has been working at the intersection of communication, media and development with an interest in writing across several formats. In his free time, one can find Satbhan doing social experiments on dating apps or watching a tv show that he has watched a few thousand times.

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BG Adith Prajwal(He/Him)

Adith loves anime, enjoys cinema, is a hardcore gamer, a poet, and above all takes a deep interest in psychology and understanding human nature. He believes in the adage "Not all those who wander are lost"

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Divya Vasudevan photo

Creative and Design  Lead

Divya Vasudevan (She / Her)

Divya enjoys working in the design space that brings together her interest in both science and art. She is a lifelong learner and experiments with various crafts that allow her to express herself in a unique way. She spends her free time reading everything from epic fantasy novels to psychology textbooks and watching anime with friends.




    Healer is a first year law grad student with a wide variety of interests. Her goal in life is to become the person she wishes to meet. Sleep, food and  Netflix are the three most essential things in her life, after family and friends. She enjoys spending her leisure time with friends, watching anime, sketching, and playing the keyboard. She is enthusiastic about learning new languages - Esta es Healer.




      Haripriya is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Psychology. If she were a breakfast item, she'd probably be avocado toast, giving  into her "That Girl" aesthetic alter ego. She loves the idea of waking up in the morning, doing her skin care and listening to a fun  Harry Potter podcast while making her bed. Haripriya considers herself to be a very vocal feminist, queer and a mental health activist, and has always been passionate about these topics.

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