The Conference invites applications in two different segments:

搜集 Sōují (Gathering):: Open Call for Presentations

Discuss | Debate | Discourse

楽しい Tanoshī (Fun):: Open Call for Creative Events

Community - Building  | Cultural Exchange | Social Events

搜集 Sōují (Gathering)

Under this segment, PanACEa will shine light and reflect on research and on-ground lived experiences of the aroace community in Asia. A fixed number of slots are assigned for presentations during the Conference. We invite people from all backgrounds and identities to apply. Students, researchers, academicians, and also activists, members of the queer community and social organisations as well as collectives from the asexual and aromantic spectrums - there is room for everyone.

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楽しい Tanoshī (Fun)

The creative and communal experience is as important to understanding the intersections of Asexuality and Asian identity as research and discourse. Do you have a song you want to share or a journaling exercise you want to run with people? Maybe manga art of dragons with cake, or a quiet piece of fanfiction written from the depth of your passion or even a cool magic trick you want to showcase - in this segment we invite entries that demonstrate the kaleidoscope of creative expression from the asexual community and beyond in Asia.