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The Asexual Lives Project

The Asexual Lives Project is looking to hear from you, about your life story and experiences as an Asexual person navigating this world.

We're especially looking for intersectional identities and complex, nuanced lived experiences that can highlight the diversity within the   larger Global Ace Community.

IAD 2022

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The world's first such conference examining and celebrating the intersection of Asexuality    and Asia!

Scheduled during Asexual Awareness Week (25-31 October) 2021, PanACEa will create  space for discussion, debate and discourse as well as fun workshops, meetups and cultural exchange.


Vote of thanks

Dear Members and Supporters of PanACEa 2021,


It was a pleasure to share the landmark event that was PanACEa, Asexuality Asia Conference, 2021 with you. The week-long conference was a success owing to your enthusiastic participation and generous support. It is proof that we can create a huge impact when we come together for a cause. Thank you!


On behalf of all the lives we’ve impacted, and all those that we will from the ripples created by this conference, I thank you all for supporting this cause, this community, and this humble initiative. 


We’ll be back soon, make sure you follow us to stay updated!


Warm regards and much gratitude,


Dr. Pragati Singh,



Founder- Director,,,

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Among many other eminent speakers, presenters, performers, trainers, and community leaders:

Image of our Eminent Guest speakers: Dr. Pragathi Singh, David Jay, Leeza Mangaldas, Dwight Cook, and Harish Iyer


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